Beauty care tips at home for women

Without spending a large amount of money to take care of beauty at spas, salons, women, we can still shine with the secrets of beauty care at home for our sisters that I reveal immediately. Remember to apply it properly and persistently to own a glamorous look that attracts all your eyes!

Working pressure, husband and children burdens and many worries in life and the loss of freshness in the environment, women’s beauty quickly “degraded” without proper care. There are many simple tips to help you recollect your youth, stemming from small things. Comprehensive care: skin, hair, nails, .. is the perfect beauty method to help women have an attractive look.

Beauty care tips at home for women Revealing simple skin care secrets

Effective skin care is not easy, but it is not complicated if you apply the following basic steps:

Step 1: Clean the skin

Choose for yourself a cleanser, shower gel that is suitable for your skin to remove dirt on your skin. This is the first step in home beauty care you should not miss if you want beautiful, clean skin and not be attacked by skin problems.

Step 2: Apply lotion

The lotion you use should also be carefully selected for maximum effect. Depending on your age as well as your purpose: deeply moisturize, smooth wrinkles, whiten skin, … to choose the best product for yourself. At least every day, after cleansing and at bedtime apply a moderate layer of cream and pat gently. This is the time for your skin to rest and not be damaged, so skin care is the most suitable now.

Step 3: Apply a facial mask

Masking is a great beauty care, you can buy the available masks or the best one should make your own natural mask and use 2-3 times per week to nourish healthy, young skin. Skin chemistry and abundant vitality.

Step 4: Exfoliate dead skin cells

This is a small skin beauty step, but many girls ignore it. Exfoliation helps remove aging, less vitality and aging skin cells from the outside. It allows new skin cells to be produced and this also makes it easier for the skin nutrients to penetrate deeper. Depending on the skin’s characteristics, this can be repeated 2-3 times a week.

Step 5: Apply sunscreen

If you don’t want damaged skin and signs of aging to ask, then do this routine every day. 30 minutes before going out, do this!

Hair care you should not ignore

Beauty care is not only the skin but also the hair is very important, similar to the skin, in order to have thick, silky, vibrant hair you should also clean the hair with shampoo. proper hair care. In addition, you can make a hair nourishing mask to make your hair more shiny and clean. If you have time, you should use an egg mask and pureed butter every week. After cleaning your hair, apply it to your hair, incubate for about 2 hours and rinse with clean water. It will be very surprising because of the soft, shiny hair that it brings.

Some hair care tips that you need to keep in mind:

– Flush hair before washing to remove dead skin cells, dirt from hair and long lasting hair. Do not bleed while wet, causing hair loss and weakness.

– Use conditioner for different hair types to prevent hair from drying out, frizz. At the same time, this is an extremely effective protective film against the effects of sunlight and dust from the environment.

– Use a hair dryer at the right temperature and dry in the same direction as your hair to keep it.

Eye and nail tips

* For the eyes: Gently massage around the eyes with eye cream (in the picture) will help stimulate blood circulation, remove excess water stagnant in this area. As a result, dark circles have no chance to bother you, and the puffiness will disappear more quickly. Make a mask of cucumber on your eyes before bed to effectively remove wrinkles and get a fresh eye area, helping to take care of your beauty better every morning.

For nails: Before going to bed: wash your hands with honey, sugar and a little water to remove dry cuticles; After that, massage with nail balm then apply moisturizer and put on gloves. The next morning, take off the gloves, you will see the skin on your hands becomes soft like baby’s. Do the same thing for the toenail.

Wish women are always confident!

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Steps to skincare to hide acne skin properly at home

Hidden acne is the result of oil, dirt, bacteria … trapped in the pores. From there, forming stubborn hidden acne kernels that are difficult to remove under the skin cause pain and discomfort. Therefore, the skincare steps to treat hidden acne require persistence and the right new method to bring effectively. And the following article will introduce in detail the steps of skincare for the most scientific and effective hidden acne skin!

1. Daily hidden acne skin care routine

Hidden acne is formed by clogged pores, so the most important step in skincare for hidden acne skin is to cleanse the skin.

1.1. Remove make-up every night

Removing makeup with oil or makeup remover helps to remove all makeup and sunscreen as well as some of the dirt on your skin.

1.2. Wash your face clean with cleanser

Wash your face with a cleanser that is suitable for your skin morning and evening.


1.3. Get proper care for hidden acne skin with a steam

Sauna helps to expand pores, stimulates pores to remove residue and toxins for the skin.

A steam bath and mint, green tea or essential oils like lemongrass, sandalwood, lavender, and cajeput. These are the best essential oils for acne skin.

Steam time 60 seconds each time. 2 times a week.


1.4. Kill death cell

Dead cells are not completely removed from the skin, causing clogging of pores and making dirt and bacteria more attached to the skin.

So, be sure to do 2 exfoliators in your face with hidden acne at home.


1.5. How to skincare for hidden acne skin by applying toner

Toner is applied immediately after cleansing or after a steam or exfoliating step (on the days of these skincare steps).

Use alcohol-based toner for deep cleansing and effective antibacterial. Next, use alcohol-free toner to balance the pH and moisturize the skin.


1.6. Moisturizing – 1 of the skincare steps for hidden acne skin

Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. One of these important skincare steps for hidden acne skin helps provide the necessary nutrients to the skin, for healthier skin and faster healing of skin damage.


2. Things to do to get rid of hidden pimples quickly

Above are the skincare steps for hidden acne skin that are performed every day to help skin become healthier, prevent new acne breakouts from forming. To relieve the pain and inflammation of the hidden acne directly, you should take the following steps.

2.1. Use a warm or cold compress for pain relief

Use warm or cold compresses to help relieve pain where hidden pimples are. In addition, this is also a way to take care of skin with hidden acne to remove pus and heal faster.
How to use a warm compress: You can buy a warm compress, or more simply put a soft, clean towel in warm water. Make sure the water is not hot when applying it to the skin. Warm compresses should be used 3-4 times per day. 10-15 minutes each time. Place a towel on the area of ​​the acne.
How to apply cold: wrap the ice in a clean towel and then apply it to the hidden pimple for 5 minutes. Stop for 5 minutes and keep applying ice for 5 minutes. Do it 4 times per day.


2.2. Use tea tree oil to help hide acne quickly

Tea tree oil is an oil that has the ability to kill bacteria, make acne healed faster. Therefore, using tea tree oil is a way to take care of the hidden acne skin that many people are applying successfully. However, pure oils have a strong impact on the skin, especially sensitive skin. Therefore, you should dilute the oil with other oils (such as coconut oil, olive oil) or clean water. Then, dab the oil on the hidden pimple in the evening and let it sit overnight. Do it every day for a quicker effect.


fresh tea tree leaves and essential oil

2.3. How to take care of acne hidden at home with pure honey

Pure honey has extremely good antibacterial properties. Dab honey on the hidden acne area after cleansing the skin and leave it overnight to help eliminate inflammation and heal acne quickly. Not only that, using honey as a mask for the entire face is one of the skincare steps to make hidden acne skin moisturized and smoother.


2.4. Say no to squeezing hidden pimples

Many people have a habit of squeezing acne to get the pimple to heal quickly. In fact, except for blackheads, this action will make acne skin more inflamed and swollen, especially with pimples hidden under the skin. So in the steps of skin care hidden acne, absolutely not touch, press, squeeze acne.
The skincare steps for hidden acne skin do not take much time and effort, but will bring great results if you stick to it every day. Don’t forget to nourish your skin from within for healthy skin and fight against the causes of skin damage with a scientific lifestyle. One of the simplest ways is to exercise regularly using an outdoor jog or combine with an electric treadmill and on-site bike. I Hope you all have acne-free skin.


“The best body shape” – Let Elipsport take care of healthier skin from the inside with intensive exercise and massage. You can choose a treadmill or a home bike to increase blood circulation. And massage chairs to help relax the skin, increase toxins release to make skin more beautiful.

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