Top 10 mistakes when washing face makes skin bad

It’s over for a long day and evening, and all you want to do is get into bed to have a good night’s sleep. But first you need to wash off all pollutants, dirt, makeup and dead cells that have stuck on the skin’s surface. All the time and effort goes into washing your face but you could end up with some of the biggest cleansing mistakes without even realizing it! Please correct those mistakes.

Find ways to fix the 10 biggest mistakes when you wash your face, they include:

1. Wrong facial cleanser

Choosing the wrong skin cleanser causes the difference between clean skin, losing moisture or your skin not clean at all! In general, you can choose between cream, foaming or gel cleansers. If you have acne-prone skin, you won’t want to use a cream-based cleanser. And likewise if you have dry skin, the gel cleanser will take away your essential moisture.

Some cleansers have a high pH that forces you to foam a lot before applying.

2. Wash hot water

Never wash your face with hot water. It can take away the natural oils on your face, inflame rosacea and in general it can be irritating to your skin. Warm water is ideal for cleaning and rinsing.

3. Face washcloth

Facial washing should never be replaced with facial cleansing. They can sometimes be used for quick post-workout wipes, but they won’t keep your pores clean or thoroughly remove makeup.

4. Clean too often

Twice a day is the recommended number of times to cleanse your skin. Too often and you don’t give your skin’s pH level enough time to balance and too rarely means you may be leaving behind free radicals from the environment.

5. Do not rinse the cleanser

Always make sure you rinse your cleanser completely with water. Leaving residue behind will clog your skin and can interfere with your moisturizer’s absorption.

6. Rub skin with a towel

While there is nothing wrong with using a towel, you should avoid drying out your skin. Patting is ideal after cleansing. Any tugging and rubbing can damage the skin’s elasticity and lead to premature wrinkles.

7. Do not use eye makeup remover

If the cleanser is stinging your eyes or doesn’t remove your eye makeup thoroughly, you’ll need a separate eye makeup remover (and it’s easy to make at your own pace). If you do not use it, you will be tempted to use a towel or washcloth on your eye makeup. Never pull on lashes to remove the mascara, the delicate skin around the eyes is the first sign of aging.

8. Do not wash the neck

Many women and men wash their faces diligently but hesitate and forget about the jaw and neck. You will want to store the cleanser in your bedroom. Just as you want to moisturize and protect that area with sunscreen, you will want to clean that area regularly.

9. Too much pressure

Try washing your face in a gentle circular motion with just 2-3 fingers in each hand. The more pressure you use doesn’t mean you’re cleaner.

10. Wait for the skin to dry before moisturizing

Moisturizers should be applied on damp skin, never waiting for the skin to completely dry after washing your face. According to Recommendation 6, pat with a towel but leave skin moist. This will make your moisturizer easier to absorb into the skin.

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