5 Wrong Habits When Eating Breakfast Make Weight Soar, Skin Degrades

Eating breakfast in these 5 ways is like harming yourself, not to mention getting sick and making women obese and depressed.

The Japanese longevity is always ranked first in the world thanks to healthy habits including focusing on breakfast, ensuring the supply of essential nutrients for the body to function all day long. How to light the right way, how to eat to enhance health, maintain physique, and beautify the skin, not everyone knows. From time to time the body will gradually weaken, pathogenesis and deteriorate for unknown reasons.

1. Don’t eat protein foods for breakfast

Protein is the single most important nutrient because it helps provide energy. According to studies, increasing the amount of protein in breakfast by 15-30% has helped them eat 441 fewer calories per day and also help them to stay full for longer, avoiding obesity and cravings. You should eat enough protein from meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, beans … for breakfast.

2. Eat breakfast with foods too much sugar

Many people are busy eating sweet foods over and over to finish their meal. But anything that is high in sugar is also harmful to health, and also affects weight, degraded skin. The saturated fats in these foods will weaken the liver and store excess fat, since they contain too many calories. So avoid baked goods or candies for breakfast, eat a better breakfast to both lose weight and improve fitness.

3. Have one dish continuously for breakfast

According to experts, eating one dish is a causative factor and fast weight gain, easy to cause obesity. Every food has its own good, but should not focus on eating one dish forever, change to fully loaded nutrition

4. Breakfast too fast

Eating too fast will make the food not crushed well, which is detrimental to the digestive system and affects the operation of the stomach and also makes the body uncomfortable and tired, leading to gradual deterioration of the skin. You should also eat your breakfast in a gentle and proper manner in order to avoid getting sick.

5. No breakfast

If you do not eat breakfast or eat too little, your body will not only starve but also have hormonal disturbances, thereby causing prolonged stress and higher weight gain, affecting the skin, body shape regardless of exercise. . Wake up early and start your day healthy with a delicious breakfast, then sip more coffee or tea.

Take note of a few more things for a healthy breakfast

– Choose warm hot foods rich in protein and vitamins to boost energy.

– Just eat breakfast just enough, do not eat too full because it easily makes you tired afterwards.

– Having breakfast about 30 minutes after waking up, or about 7 – 8 hours is good for health.

– Do not eat leftovers from the night before because they can produce toxins, not good for long-term health.

– Do not choose fast foods because they contain a lot of fat that causes obesity.

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