What makes this little girl so popular on TikTok with nearly 20 million fans.

What makes them so popular on the Internet and gain nearly 20 millions of fans? Malira will share with you 3 skills we discovered on their TikTok content.

Who is Mo Xie? 
Real Name: MoXie – 莫邪 (Born in 1998) in Guangdong and currently living in Guangzhou. This 22-year-old girl graduated from Hunan Institute of Business and Technology
She works for Guangzhou Shenlang Culture, a subsidiary of Civet Culture, owned by Liu Haha and Huan Yan Pawnshop.

Mo Xie’s main business is beauty product merchant. Initially, her account was “Moxie” – an arbitrary female character which attracts a lot of fans.

It was until February 2020 that she officially changed her account to “Mo Xie” and also changed her character to a bossy CEO. The unique in her works is there are no trailers for the next videos and each video contains its own content, there would be no part 1 or part 2.

She has a series of videos on TikTok named “Moxie of the Scumen Institute” and it became viral quickly. The netizens even take her video series as a web drama putting all her name in TikTok’s hot search list.

Her hit was in July 2019 when Mo Xie released her first work. It attracts a huge number of fans. Her videos gained 196,000 likes and 4,121 comments and more than 1,400 re-post. This is really a big hit for a new account.

Mo Xie then focused on filming the same type of videos, starting with the same introduction “I am Mo Xie”. Her next work continuously succeeded with 1.3 million likes, 15,000 comments and 7,300 re-post. After publishing 91 works in a short time, she gained 130 million likes, 18.46 million followers and soon will be 20 million followers predictably.

Mo Xie took just over a year to go from 0 to nearly 20 million fans. How did this happen? What are the marketing skills and strategies behind? Malira will share with you her 3 skills.

First, the bottleneck encountered of fan numbers rising.

The rising always meets a bottleneck at a time since the content gets copied which slows the increasing of fans and commercial value. However, Moxie has done a great job when she controls the direction.

Second, to grasp a new outlet for live streaming.

Initially it was only popular for short videos, but in the 2020 situation, the stores and shops start doing live-stream, from Lou Yonghao and then Li Xiaolu. This shows one thing: live-streaming is an outlet for 2020. And Mo Xie grasped this trend quickly.

Third, marketing to gain profits

Mo Xie knows how to use the Internet to slowly direct the audience’s watching hobbies. This is a Marketing method according to the new economic system today (short video + live stream) and a way to grow firmly.

Malira believes their works will get better and better with more approvals from the netizens.

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What the couple will do on Christmas holidays?

Christmas is a special holiday on the last days of the year. When the weather starts turning cold, the streets are lighted up and beautifully decorated, nothing is better than celebrating this festive moment with your partner. This time is also considered as a romantic occasion in which couples stay together. Surely, the single fans must be “envious” when witnessing the couples in love.

Boss Gu – 顾城 & XiaoQi – 城七日

The couple Boss Gu & XiaoQi have never disappointed fans when they always appear next together. There is never a lack of smiles and care they share with each other.

On the Christmas Eve,Boss Gu transformed into a Santa Claus to present XiaoQi with a surprising and meaningful gift.

Not only gifting XiaoQi, Boss Gu also live streamed to give the best wishes to whom have supported the couple for the past year.

Sending the warmest Christmas wishes to you and your family. May God shower his choicest blessings on you and your family this Christmas!

Zhiyang và Yuexin

Christmas is an important holiday which brings such a jubilant, bustling atmosphere to warm the cold days, the Zhiyang and Yuexin couple also celebrated a warm and peaceful Christmas together with relatives and friends. In the party, the two dressed up in a couple outfits that made the fans find them funny by the cute look.

The photo showing the sweet kiss of Zhiyang and Yuexin made fans believe more in their longtime love story.

Like the Boss Gu & XiaoQi couple, Zhiyang and Yuexin also sent Christmas greetings to fans.

May this Christmas be a very special time for you not to feel lonely but always feel happy with your loved ones!

Yueye Witch – 魔女月野 & Xiaowu – 王小五

Christmas is an occasion for us to show our concern and care to everyone. Apart from meaningful gifts, we cannot ignore good and meaningful Christmas wishes. The couple Yueye Witch & Xiaowu also celebrated Christmas together and filmed a TikTiik video about Christmas to thank all the fans who have loved and supported them.

A Ding – 阿丁 & Director Bin – 彬彬

Preparing for this Christmas season, A Ding & Director Bin made photo set of her and friends with both seductive and gently posing beside the lovely pine tree.

They also spent time together to enjoy this festive time and celebrate the new year.

HaoRan – 谢浩然 & LinMeng – 林梦梦

The couple HaoRan & LinMeng celebrated Christmas in another way, they treated each other with a big feast in a romantic restaurant.

The couple also had a lot of unique posing!

LinMeng released a photo set of her dressing like a princess for Christmas Eve.

MoXie – 莫邪

This Christmas, for being too busy MoXie did not show any photos of her with boyfriend but she still had her own way to celebrate this time.

She gave her best friend Tian Xiaoye – 田小野 a big Christmas gift.

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Things you don’t know about Jiang Shiqi

Jiang Shiqi is a talented young and beautiful girl getting well known via a series of videos on TikTok. Malira will help you get to know this girl more.

Jiang Shiqi

Name: Jiangshiqi – 姜 十七, Pinyin: Jiangshiqi.

Date of birth: June 7, 1999 (Age 21, Gemini).

Hometown: Sichuan, China, live in: Beijing China.

Occupation: Actress and model. Jiang Shiqi is currently one of the hot faces on China TikTok with more than 13 million fans.

TikTok is a giant social media platform as Instagram or Facebook, Youtube where you can find any kinds of content. That is also why Jiang Shiqi could spread her popularity and gain millions of subscribers.

The content and image she has built for her character is a strong and independent woman spreading positive values. Fans love her for her energetic personality.

Her image looks like a queen

While in real life she actually is a sweet, innocent and cute girl.

It is not easy to stand firmly on this platform when you are not truly talented. Her talent is shown through the videos she created which have been approved by netizens. The ideas in the videos show her positive energy and valuable messeges. Therefore it is rememberable to viewers and turning viral on social networks.

You can find more pictures of Jiang Shiqi on her TikTok account.

Her fans find the opposition in the character she built and her real-life appearance really interesting which makes them love her more.

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Boss Gu- Looks Like I Can’t Hide My Identity Anymore


Boss Gu & XiaoQi is one of the couples known by fans through a series of office love stories on TikTok. Are they the couple sought and sought by fans. Let’s find out about them with Malira

* Boss Gu

Real name: Citadel – 顾城, Transliteration: Gu Cheng (Born on xx / xx / 1989) Living in Qingdao, Shandong, commonly known as a male actor with the office love story series on TikTok .

In which he is main actor known as the CEO of his own family company, caring for his mother and staff.He likes Xiao Qi but is not sure about his feelings.

* Xiao Qi

Real name: Thanh That Nhat – 城 七日, Phonetic: Cheng Qi Ri, Common name:  Xiao Qi (Born: May 28, 1998), Living in Qingdao, Shandong.

In the series of office love story series on TikTok. She is also known as the beautiful actress and also Gu Cheng’s secretary with a pure and innocent soul. Sometimes she likes to bully her boss.


In addition to being an actress, XiaoQi is also constantly invited to model for a famous cosmetic brand in China.


The first memory of Boss Gu and the bossy XiaoQi secretary

Yesterday, December 18, 2020 was the one-year anniversary of Boss Gu and secretary XiaoQi’s first live broadcast

One-year anniversary images first broadcast live

In the 1st anniversary of the broadcast, Boss Gu shared that

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, I’ve learned a lot this year. I am grateful to all of you, to the Gu family. It is an honor and luck to have you support me in the past.


Whenever the mood is not good, you will chat with me all the time. A happy family chatting with Gu’s family.

A year of hard work, in exchange for today’s toast, success is ahead of us.


Sweat of a year, garlands clapping today, victory is in sight, journey of a year, hard work.Thank you for supporting me over time – He revealed his true feelings.

I wish you my best wishes, hope you will have a great achievement in the new year. I wish you a happy first anniversary.