5 Wrong Habits When Eating Breakfast Make Weight Soar, Skin Degrades

Eating breakfast in these 5 ways is like harming yourself, not to mention getting sick and making women obese and depressed.

The Japanese longevity is always ranked first in the world thanks to healthy habits including focusing on breakfast, ensuring the supply of essential nutrients for the body to function all day long. How to light the right way, how to eat to enhance health, maintain physique, and beautify the skin, not everyone knows. From time to time the body will gradually weaken, pathogenesis and deteriorate for unknown reasons.

1. Don’t eat protein foods for breakfast

Protein is the single most important nutrient because it helps provide energy. According to studies, increasing the amount of protein in breakfast by 15-30% has helped them eat 441 fewer calories per day and also help them to stay full for longer, avoiding obesity and cravings. You should eat enough protein from meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, beans … for breakfast.

2. Eat breakfast with foods too much sugar

Many people are busy eating sweet foods over and over to finish their meal. But anything that is high in sugar is also harmful to health, and also affects weight, degraded skin. The saturated fats in these foods will weaken the liver and store excess fat, since they contain too many calories. So avoid baked goods or candies for breakfast, eat a better breakfast to both lose weight and improve fitness.

3. Have one dish continuously for breakfast

According to experts, eating one dish is a causative factor and fast weight gain, easy to cause obesity. Every food has its own good, but should not focus on eating one dish forever, change to fully loaded nutrition

4. Breakfast too fast

Eating too fast will make the food not crushed well, which is detrimental to the digestive system and affects the operation of the stomach and also makes the body uncomfortable and tired, leading to gradual deterioration of the skin. You should also eat your breakfast in a gentle and proper manner in order to avoid getting sick.

5. No breakfast

If you do not eat breakfast or eat too little, your body will not only starve but also have hormonal disturbances, thereby causing prolonged stress and higher weight gain, affecting the skin, body shape regardless of exercise. . Wake up early and start your day healthy with a delicious breakfast, then sip more coffee or tea.

Take note of a few more things for a healthy breakfast

– Choose warm hot foods rich in protein and vitamins to boost energy.

– Just eat breakfast just enough, do not eat too full because it easily makes you tired afterwards.

– Having breakfast about 30 minutes after waking up, or about 7 – 8 hours is good for health.

– Do not eat leftovers from the night before because they can produce toxins, not good for long-term health.

– Do not choose fast foods because they contain a lot of fat that causes obesity.

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Tips or choose the hat style that suits the face to score 10 styles

“Although the hat is beautiful, if it reveals the weakness of the face, you will look “less beautiful”.

The cold season is the time when hats are crowned, from berets, baker boy hats, wool hats to bucket caps, caps … However, girls often focus on choosing the style of hats that match the style. I rarely care if it suits my face or not. Although the hat is beautiful, if it reveals the weakness of the face, you will look “less beautiful”.

Bucket caps

Fits most faces / Does not suit faces with high cheekbones


The bucket hat style that is loved by young people is very easy to wear, suitable for all styles, but not fussy. With a bell-like shape, a soft brim, a bucket hat fits well with the square face and will help harmonize. But if the girl has a round or square face, this is the perfect suggestion. Even with a round face, the bucket hat will make the face even more pretty and cute, without worrying about weird “roundness”. But with the girls with high cheekbones, it is the opposite, completely denouncing the weakness. The low rim of the hat is across the cheekbones, creating a higher cheeks, making the face lose its harmony.


Hat baker boy

Round face, high forehead / Does not match square face


A baker boy hat is the ideal type of hat for girls with round and plump faces. Or the girl with a wide forehead also takes advantage of the brim to partially conceal it. However, with a square face, this type of hat should be avoided because it is easier to create a feeling of negative accusation.


Beret hat

Incorporate with long face / round face and square face with deviation


The beret has no brim, so it will expose all the contours of the face. So if you are not confident about a face “beautiful without dead angles”, you should choose this hat and reveal a lot of hair. Anyone who has a square or round face when wearing a beret should not wear it in the middle, but pull the hat sideways. This will help your face not be short-lived, but will feel thinner and more harmonious.



Round face, square face / No long face


Wool hats with the top of the hat higher than the head will give the effect of “stretching” the face. Short, square-faced girls will have added advantages of a slim face. On the contrary, with an already long face, the wool hat style will only make this disadvantage even more obvious.


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Colors are not for dark skinned girls

– It should be remembered that the right outfit color can enhance the skin naturally and contribute to concealer and “flatter” the wearer figure.

Cobalt Blue (blue)

Cobalt Blue is blue, the color “is” judged to be masculine and has a rigid hardware. The color gamut is suitable for pink white skin, even white, blue to white is difficult to coordinate. And the skin with warm undertones is almost impossible, because this color makes the skin dull a lot. Instead, she should replace it with baby blue or gentle pastel colors to suit Asian skin.


Neon Chartreuse (light green)

Banana green is a color that many brown skin girls “take advantage of” fully, but remember, neon is very difficult to match. Especially with the neon too strong that it drowns out other colors around it, including your skin. The golden sheen in this color makes the skin duller. Try to green or brown grass, these are also hot trends this year.

Mint (mint green)

It is one of the “stormy” colors but extremely dangerous for brown and yellow skin. Since mint green has a white base, it is very shiny, making skin dull immediately.


Fuchsia (pink lotus)

Lotus petals are a high level dangerous color for yellow / brown skin. This is a difficult color to match because it easily makes its owner feel cheesy and out of date.With warm colors, you should choose monochrome items to combine with, do not choose too many textures because it will cause a distracting sensation.


Signal Red (flag red)

Red also has red, red that, the most basic red is red flag which is the hardest color to match because there is no depth, no dress. So brown skin, choose a deep red tone like reddish brown or red wine to both flatter your skin and seduce! With red, the most luxurious is to choose crimson or deep orange red, these are the colors that flatter your skin and do not make your skin dull.


Lilac (lilac purple)

Purple is easy to see as this year’s hot trend. Lilac creates a lovely, dreamy feeling for young girls. But it will also be counterproductive if not carefully coordinated because this is also cocoon color. Even if you like, you should choose another purple color to still be able to “swing” in the trend. The best color gamut to mix with purple is white or light gray / mouse fur.


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5 most effective ways to whiten your hands at home

You often take care of your face, but neglect and forget that your hand skin also needs care, making your hands often dark and not shiny.

Currently, hand whitening is not too difficult and time-consuming, you just need to use natural ingredients to help nourish your hand skin. Here, the Cosmetics Supermarket would like to guide you 5 most effective ways to whiten the skin of your hands at home.

How to whiten hands with honey

Honey is an extremely valuable natural beauty ingredient with a variety of skin effects ranging from whitening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Honey contains a high content of vitamins D and B groups, which provide nutrients to the skin, helping to brighten the skin.


10ml pure honey


Step 1: First you put about 10ml of pure honey in the refrigerator compartment for about 2 hours.

Step 2: Clean the hand skin.

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of honey to the entire hand area.

Step 4: Massage gently in circular motions and hold on skin for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse skin with warm water and dry with a cotton towel.

Please apply this method 2-3 times / week to quickly own smooth white skin.


How to whiten hands with tomato

Tomatoes contain high levels of vitamins A, B, which weaken the activity of melanin, preventing aging on the skin. Vitamin C increases the nutrients for collagen, creating elasticity, thereby helping the skin to be smooth and smooth. In addition, magnesium, iron, and zinc active ingredients help to remove sebum from the skin, deep clean pores along with a large amount of water to help balance moisture, soothe sunburn, and irritation. and effective skin detoxification.


1 tomato

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice


Step 1: Squeeze tomatoes to get water and mix well with fresh lemon juice.

Step 2: Clean your face with cleanser and dry.

Step 3: Apply this mixture on your face and relax for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water.

You should maintain the mask from tomatoes 2 times a week to have white and pink skin as expected.


How to whiten the skin with fresh milk

Fresh milk contains a large amount of microorganisms, lactic acid and essential nutritional groups such as vitamins A, B, D and enzymes … which are effective in whitening and moisturizing effectively. In particular, the lactic acid found in fresh milk will deeply remove the dirt that adheres to the pores, thereby cleaning and tightening pores immediately. In addition, the vitamin complex from fresh milk also helps to limit dark spots, smooth white skin, and ruddy color.


1 bag of pure fresh milk without sugar


Step 1: Clean the hand skin.

Step 2: Use a cotton pad to absorb fresh milk evenly onto the skin to create a whitening mask.

Step 3: Relax, incubate on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes to bring the fresh milk essence into full play.

Step 4: Rinse skin with cool water.

You can use this hand whitening mask regularly 3 times / week to feel the change of hands.


How to whiten skin with beer

Beer contains a lot of vitamin B and Vitamin E to help lift skin tone and smooth skin effectively. In addition, the mild amount of lactic acid present in beer helps to clean the skin, balance the pH, slow down the aging process, reduce pigmentation, darkening caused by aging.


1/4 can of beer

1 chicken egg


Step 1: Mix the beer and eggs into a homogeneous mixture.

Step 2: Clean the skin of your hands, then use this mixture to spread over the skin and gently massage the nutrients to quickly penetrate into the skin.

Step 3: Relax for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

You should persistently perform this skin whitening treatment with a frequency of 2-3 times / week to quickly get soft, natural white skin.


How to whiten your hands with yogurt

In yogurt contains a large amount of protein, vitamin B12, minerals calcium, phosphorus, Riboflavin, … help nourish bright white skin, ruddy. In the fermentation process, lactic acid is produced, so yogurt also helps to remove dead skin cells, making the skin regenerate and lighten.


1/2 jar of yogurt without sugar

1/2 carrot


Step 1: Fresh carrot peeled, then put in blender puree.

Step 2: Pour the sugar-free yogurt in, press the button to mix the 2 ingredients together and make a small bowl.

Step 3: After cleaning the skin of your hands, use this mixture to gently massage the skin.

Step 4: Perform massage for 10 minutes and rinse with clean water.

You should apply 2-3 times / week, after 1 month to ensure the skin will be even.


Above are 5 most effective ways to whiten hands at home. Choose for yourself a suitable and persistent method to quickly improve the skin on your hands.

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What is Toner? How to use toner properly for effective skin care

Using toner is a very important step in the basic skin care routine but a lot of people skip this step or are using toner incorrectly. Toner brings a lot of benefits to the skin such as penetrating deeply into the pores, helping to remove residual dirt after cleansing. At the same time, the toner also helps balance the pH of the skin, tightens the pores and helps the skin easily absorb nutrients in subsequent care steps.

With the great effects of toner, if we use the wrong way, it really is a waste, right? In order to help you get the most out of toner, I would like to guide you how to use toner properly to take care of your skin effectively.

What is Toner?

Using toner is a cleansing step on the face after washing the face because washing the face can only clean the surface of the skin, but cannot remove the dirt that is deep in the pores.

If the pores are not cleaned, applying lotion to those areas will cause the pores to become clogged, which is the main cause of acne.

Therefore, the use of toner will help cleanse deeper areas of skin or pores that are deeply dusty. Simply put, toners are considered to be the effective cleansers, toners and breakouts that you should use.

How to use toner properly for effective skin care

How to use toner is quite simple, to bring high efficiency, you should use the toner twice a day in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed.


1 bottle of toner

1 cotton pad

The steps to use toner are as follows:

Step 1: Use a gentle massage cleanser to clean the surface of the skin, you should use cool or warm water to wash, avoid using hot water because it will dry the skin, causing peeling. Then, use an absorbent towel to dry or let dry naturally.

Step 2: Pour the right amount of toner into the cotton pad (you should choose a contoured cotton pad because this cotton will help you apply toner evenly to your face with just the right amount and easier to clean the skin than just using your hands or use split cotton)

Step 3: Use a cotton absorbent toner to gently wipe the cotton all over the face to avoid the eye and lips area, absolutely do not rub too hard on the surface of the skin because this will cause the skin to be scratched, especially for those who suffer from Many blemishes cause severe skin damage.

Step 4: Wait for the skin to dry naturally, after 5-10 minutes using a toner, you can use a lotion or serum because this is the best time for serums, moisturizers to work.


You should not use the toner too many times a day because the toner contains alcohol, if used too much, it will make the skin more susceptible to dryness and lose the necessary moisture balance of the skin, making the skin vulnerable to damage and premature aging. than. Therefore, if not absolutely necessary, you should not use too much toner, only use 2 times / day.
In the step of using the toner, you need to be gentle, avoid rubbing too hard, making the skin vulnerable to damage and scratches.

The use of toner will help remove harmful bacteria and balance the skin’s moisture better, so you can use the toner as an effective acne treatment but quite safe without worry. skin irritation.


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Steps to skincare to hide acne skin properly at home

Hidden acne is the result of oil, dirt, bacteria … trapped in the pores. From there, forming stubborn hidden acne kernels that are difficult to remove under the skin cause pain and discomfort. Therefore, the skincare steps to treat hidden acne require persistence and the right new method to bring effectively. And the following article will introduce in detail the steps of skincare for the most scientific and effective hidden acne skin!

1. Daily hidden acne skin care routine

Hidden acne is formed by clogged pores, so the most important step in skincare for hidden acne skin is to cleanse the skin.

1.1. Remove make-up every night

Removing makeup with oil or makeup remover helps to remove all makeup and sunscreen as well as some of the dirt on your skin.

1.2. Wash your face clean with cleanser

Wash your face with a cleanser that is suitable for your skin morning and evening.


1.3. Get proper care for hidden acne skin with a steam

Sauna helps to expand pores, stimulates pores to remove residue and toxins for the skin.

A steam bath and mint, green tea or essential oils like lemongrass, sandalwood, lavender, and cajeput. These are the best essential oils for acne skin.

Steam time 60 seconds each time. 2 times a week.


1.4. Kill death cell

Dead cells are not completely removed from the skin, causing clogging of pores and making dirt and bacteria more attached to the skin.

So, be sure to do 2 exfoliators in your face with hidden acne at home.


1.5. How to skincare for hidden acne skin by applying toner

Toner is applied immediately after cleansing or after a steam or exfoliating step (on the days of these skincare steps).

Use alcohol-based toner for deep cleansing and effective antibacterial. Next, use alcohol-free toner to balance the pH and moisturize the skin.


1.6. Moisturizing – 1 of the skincare steps for hidden acne skin

Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. One of these important skincare steps for hidden acne skin helps provide the necessary nutrients to the skin, for healthier skin and faster healing of skin damage.


2. Things to do to get rid of hidden pimples quickly

Above are the skincare steps for hidden acne skin that are performed every day to help skin become healthier, prevent new acne breakouts from forming. To relieve the pain and inflammation of the hidden acne directly, you should take the following steps.

2.1. Use a warm or cold compress for pain relief

Use warm or cold compresses to help relieve pain where hidden pimples are. In addition, this is also a way to take care of skin with hidden acne to remove pus and heal faster.
How to use a warm compress: You can buy a warm compress, or more simply put a soft, clean towel in warm water. Make sure the water is not hot when applying it to the skin. Warm compresses should be used 3-4 times per day. 10-15 minutes each time. Place a towel on the area of ​​the acne.
How to apply cold: wrap the ice in a clean towel and then apply it to the hidden pimple for 5 minutes. Stop for 5 minutes and keep applying ice for 5 minutes. Do it 4 times per day.


2.2. Use tea tree oil to help hide acne quickly

Tea tree oil is an oil that has the ability to kill bacteria, make acne healed faster. Therefore, using tea tree oil is a way to take care of the hidden acne skin that many people are applying successfully. However, pure oils have a strong impact on the skin, especially sensitive skin. Therefore, you should dilute the oil with other oils (such as coconut oil, olive oil) or clean water. Then, dab the oil on the hidden pimple in the evening and let it sit overnight. Do it every day for a quicker effect.


fresh tea tree leaves and essential oil

2.3. How to take care of acne hidden at home with pure honey

Pure honey has extremely good antibacterial properties. Dab honey on the hidden acne area after cleansing the skin and leave it overnight to help eliminate inflammation and heal acne quickly. Not only that, using honey as a mask for the entire face is one of the skincare steps to make hidden acne skin moisturized and smoother.


2.4. Say no to squeezing hidden pimples

Many people have a habit of squeezing acne to get the pimple to heal quickly. In fact, except for blackheads, this action will make acne skin more inflamed and swollen, especially with pimples hidden under the skin. So in the steps of skin care hidden acne, absolutely not touch, press, squeeze acne.
The skincare steps for hidden acne skin do not take much time and effort, but will bring great results if you stick to it every day. Don’t forget to nourish your skin from within for healthy skin and fight against the causes of skin damage with a scientific lifestyle. One of the simplest ways is to exercise regularly using an outdoor jog or combine with an electric treadmill and on-site bike. I Hope you all have acne-free skin.


“The best body shape” – Let Elipsport take care of healthier skin from the inside with intensive exercise and massage. You can choose a treadmill or a home bike to increase blood circulation. And massage chairs to help relax the skin, increase toxins release to make skin more beautiful.

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4 steps daily oily skin care

Oily skin is one of the most common skin condition concerns. It creates a number of challenges to achieve a shiny, acne-free skin. Form a skincare routine for oily skin following these effective oily skin care steps.

1. Oily skin care

Creating a proper oily skin care routine is essential to have smooth and clear skin. Nowadays, cosmetic companies continuously advertise their products for skin cleansing, purifying, smoothing, and blurring. But in the middle of those products, be a smart shopper to make the right choice for your own skin.

However, before thinking about using cosmetics, there are two things to keep in mind in oily skin care:

The first is to limit stress, fatigue and stress. Many studies have shown that frequent excessive stress can imbalance certain hormones in the body, causing the sebaceous glands to be more active, affecting the health of the skin. Arranging time for rest, relaxation or taking yoga classes is an effective way to prevent this.


The second thing is to develop a healthy diet. Experts recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water per day along with consuming a variety of plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits and vegetables. A diet high in green vegetables and limited to animal foods has been shown to reduce inflammation and sebum production.


In addition, by reducing the amount of simple sugars and using plant-based foods help reduce oily skin, balance hormone levels as well as provide the skin with essential nutrients for healthy skin.

2. Steps to care for oily skin

Oily skin is one of the most common skin conditions, but not everyone knows how to take care of oily skin effectively. So how to care for oily skin is reasonable? The following oily skin care steps can help you answer this question:

Step 1: Form a routine of washing your face every morning after you wake up and every night before going to bed. This is the most important step in every skin care process especially for people with oily skin. They even need to wash their face more if they have to work in hot conditions that cause their bodies to sweat a lot.

Many people may think their skin is clean every morning because when they sleep they are not exposed to harmful factors such as the sun, heat and dirt. However, night is the time when the skin removes dead cells as well as the sebaceous glands are active. That is why you should wash your face every morning with a cleanser that contains certain substances like salicylic acid, which help to remove dead cells and sebum, preventing buildup in the pores.


Step 2: After removing make-up and washing your face with clean water, you can use some exfoliating creams containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid.


Step 3: Use a number of treatments to reduce sebum in the skin. This step depends on how oily the skin is. Especially for those with acne outbreaks, benzoyl peroxide should be used during the day to curb sebum secretion and prevent acne, while in the evening, retinol products are recommended. Many experts believe that sometimes oily skin treatment is not necessary because people with oily skin tend to have tighter skin and the appearance of wrinkles is slower than dry skin.

Step 4: Keeping skin moisturized throughout the day is an important step for oily skin. There are some who think that oily skin will not need moisture, this view is completely wrong. All skin types, from dry, oily to combination, require moisturizing, but if you have oily skin you should be cautious with the moisturizers you use. Use a lightweight, oil-free cream whose main ingredient is water.


Forming a habit in oily skin care based on the above 4 steps will help minimize the effects of oily skin. However, people with oily skin should also consider applying the following ways to maximize the effectiveness of your care:

– Use absorbent paper: If you must be active in hot and hot weather during the day, use absorbent paper to absorb any sebum. Gently place them on the skin for a few seconds so the paper absorbs the oil and repeat this whenever needed.


– Wash your face after exercising or doing heavy work: In addition to a routine of washing your face every morning and night, experts recommend washing your face after playing sports, exercising, or doing heavy work. .. to remove sweat, sebum and dirt. No need to be too complicated, just wash your face with clean water or regular cleanser and apply an extra layer of moisturizer.


– Note when using certain foods in your daily diet: Avoid alcoholic beverages and foods high in fat that can cause skin sebum production.

– Use sunscreen when going out. Creams that contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are recommended, which both reduce sebum production and help prevent acne.

– Use a moisturizer regularly every day.

If you have oily skin, forming a daily skincare routine like washing your face and moisturizing is the best way to reduce blemishes and control sebum production. Choosing the right skin care products, using sunscreen, blotting paper and washing your face after exercise or hard work can also help reduce the effects of oily skin, leaving your skin looking smooth. and healthy.


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‘Revealing’ secrets of beauty care to help Japanese women have skin like a girl

(VOH) – Japanese women are famous for their youthful and radiant beauty regardless of age. Along with that are the secrets of beauty care thoroughly and extremely effective.
From focusing on daily habits, Japanese women have accumulated many simple but effective beauty treatments that can bring about lasting effects. Here are 7 Japanese beauty tips you can learn to maintain a healthy and naturally beautiful look.

Exfoliate with red beans

Japanese women not only consider red beans a part of a healthy diet, but also use them for healthy and fresh skin. Exfoliation with red bean powder is considered an extremely useful natural remedy for acne, blackheads or improving and reducing wrinkles. They are also filled with antioxidants and a natural foaming agent called saponins. Thanks to that, you can immediately feel the cleansing effect, tighten pores through the removal of dirt, dead cells and bright, smooth skin by stimulating blood circulation.

To use red beans for beauty care like the Japanese you just need to grind them into semi-fine powder and store in the refrigerator for several hours. Then, mix the red bean powder with a little water and massage gently onto the (already wet) skin in a circular motion for a few minutes before rinsing off with warm water. This method can be applied to both face and body 2-3 times / week for best results.


Maintain a balanced diet

Japanese women believe that what they eat is directly related to their skin. Therefore, for them, the beauty care from outside is not enough, there is a need to have a balanced diet with healthy foods. A traditional Japanese meal will have 1 soup, 3 dishes of vegetables, rice and fish, seaweed is also a common ingredient in everyday dishes. It can be said that this is the principle that ensures both nutrition, health and beauty benefits.

Fish is not only rich in protein, but also packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help limit the causes of skin inflammation and premature aging. Meanwhile, vitamins, minerals, iodine, and keratin in vegetables are also essential for the health of skin, hair, and nails. That is why maintaining a traditional diet has become an important beauty secret for Japanese women.


Nourish skin with rice bran

Loving and believing in natural beauty methods, Japanese women have long appreciated the wonderful benefits of rice bran for beauty care. Rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, that’s why this ingredient is used for so many different purposes, from exfoliating, skin care, and body care to fighting the markers. Aging or improving uneven skin color. To apply this beauty method, you can use commercially available rice bran or try the following:

Boil the rice (choose untreated, polished rice) for a few minutes or until the water becomes slightly cloudy.

Filter rice and rice water separately.

Mix milk and honey into separate rice / rice and use them to cover your face.

Next, use rice water to rinse your face and moisturize it.


Use green tea for different purposes

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so it can protect and improve skin problems quite effectively. They are also a very important part of Japanese culture, lifestyle and beauty habits.

Beauty care with matcha is an indispensable part of Japanese women

Green tea has become a familiar ingredient in cosmetic products as well as skin care therapies, body, hair … Especially the use of matcha – a strong green tea with a concentration of catechins and tannins Highly resistant to UV damage, reducing inflammation (beneficial for acne skin) and balancing skin color – also popular and popular with Japanese women.


Take a hot bath regularly

In Japan, bathing is not only a cleaning habit but also a cultural feature, a therapy to maintain health and beauty care. Therefore, in addition to their habit of bathing with oils, essential oils and salts, they often go to natural hot springs and public baths. Soaking and relaxing in mineral-rich water not only relaxes, improves blood circulation, but also flushes out toxins, cleans pores to maintain healthy and glowing skin.


Woman Taking Shower Alone

Use camellia oil

Camellia oil has been used by Japanese women for centuries to care for beauty and health. Abundant source of omega-9 fatty acids, their protein and glycerol are a great combination to nourish smooth, healthy hair. For skin, it can be used for dry, acne-prone skin or in creams and serums.


Supplement with vitamin C

Vitamin C can protect and brighten skin, contribute to fight the signs of aging while stimulating collagen production. Being aware of their role in beauty care, Japanese women also give a lot of attention to this ingredient. In addition to the use of cosmetic products containing vitamin C, they also focus on dietary supplements with foods, beverages, fruits, and vegetables. This is the premise as well as the secret to nourishing and possessing a naturally youthful, smooth, glowing skin.


The Japanese beauty know-how is actually built and maintained from good habits, simple yet very effective. Therefore, it is more important than applying a certain beauty method that you must thoroughly improve the problem and start from the smallest things, because that is the source of sustainability firm.

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7 easy ways to remove puffiness

Bright, radiant eyes give you confidence in meeting people.

Cold compresses: According to Insider, cold compresses help shrink dilated blood vessels under the eyes. This dissolves the accumulated liquid resulting in the appearance of puffiness or dark circles. For a cold compress, use an ice pack wrapped in a cloth and place it on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes.


Sleeping on your back: According to Cosmopolitan, sleeping on your back will prevent fluid from accumulating under your eyes. This keeps your eyes from puffy the next morning. In addition, sleeping on a pillow cover made of silk material works to reduce friction, making it easy to fall asleep.


Cut down on alcohol and salty foods: Alcohol and foods high in salt are the culprits of dark circles, puffy eyes under the eyes. Consider using alcohol and salt in moderation to protect your health and skin.


Putting cucumbers or potatoes: Cucumbers are used a lot in beauty. Cucumbers have soothing properties, phytonutrients that help reduce inflammation and hydrate. Applying cold cucumber under the eyes can reduce swelling, and reduce puffiness effectively. Potatoes have the same effect. You cut cucumbers, potatoes that have been refrigerated into thin slices, then apply on eyes for 10-15 minutes.


Get enough sleep: If your eyes were puffy in the morning, chances are you were sleep deprived the night before. When the body doesn’t get enough sleep, the activity of the hormones responsible for water regulation is disrupted. This leads to eye puffiness and swelling due to fluid retention.


Eye massage: Massage includes many movements to support fluid drainage, stimulate blood circulation. To massage your eyes, use your little finger or ring finger starting at the inside of the eye, then moving outwards. In addition to using fingers, you can massage the eyes with jade rollers.


Use eye cream: In addition to following a reasonable resting and diet, you can use eye cream to remove puffiness or dark circles. There are a number of eye creams containing vitamin C to help brighten the skin, green tea, aloe soothes, or caffeine that shrinks and tightens the skin.


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Should skin creams, masks, toners, and cosmetics be stored in the refrigerator?

1. Do you store cosmetics in the refrigerator or not?

Should I leave lotion in the refrigerator?

Lotion if stored in the refrigerator cooler will give better effect on the skin, while also helping you to use the lotion for longer.

Therefore, under hot weather, storing lotion in the refrigerator is considered a very useful method.

However, whether or not to leave lotion in the refrigerator depends on the ingredients of each cream because in some cases, the lotion will lose its function by keeping it in the refrigerator. So, when buying skin cream products, you can ask the counselor if this cream can be stored in the refrigerator!

Should we put the mask in the refrigerator or not?

A face mask is also a product that should be stored in the refrigerator cooler. High outside temperature can destroy some of the mask’s ingredients. Therefore, you should put the lotion in the refrigerator to prolong its use. In addition, the temperature in the refrigerator also protects the mask better.

Should rose water be put in the refrigerator or not?

Rose water can be stored in the refrigerator cooler because the low temperature in the cooler will make the rose water more effective and also help prolong its shelf life. An important note for you when storing rose water in the refrigerator is that you must not put it in the freezer, just keep it in the cooler!

Note: If your home does not have a refrigerator, or are you unsure if cosmetic products are kept in the refrigerator? Then you can store that cosmetic in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


2. What cosmetics should and should not be in the refrigerator cooler

What kind of cosmetics should be kept from cooling the refrigerator

– Mineral Spray: Mineral spray products should be stored in the refrigerator because the cold environment makes mineral spray more effective.

– Eye cream: If you use eye cream stored in the refrigerator, your puffiness will be significantly reduced, and dark circles will also be minimized.

However, refrigeration should only apply to organic products because they do not contain preservatives. As for masks such as paper masks, you should not keep them in the refrigerator because this can make them less effective.

– Acne medicine: If you want to preserve acne medicine better, you should put them in the refrigerator to avoid oxidation.


Mask: The temperature in the refrigerator helps the mask provide better moisture. In addition, the mask stored in the refrigerator will make you feel comfortable to use while also making your skin softer.

– Perfume: Perfume should be stored in a cool compartment, absolutely not put in the freezer.

– Handmade (homemade) and organic (pure) cosmetics: These are products that need to be refrigerated because they contain natural ingredients that need to be kept cold to ensure effective use. You should also make sure to use them on time because refrigeration will not last too long.

Serum: Cold temperature is very suitable for preserving serum. Keeping serum in the refrigerator is a way to increase the quality of this product.

– Sunscreen: Leaving sunscreen in the refrigerator will increase its effectiveness compared to leaving them at room temperature.


Cosmetics should not be kept in the refrigerator

– Lipstick: Lipsticks will easily bottle if you keep them in the refrigerator because the low temperature does not match the composition of the lipstick.

– Makeup lead: When the lead is cold, it will harden, making it difficult to use. In addition, leaving makeup lead in the refrigerator also makes the lead color uneven, reducing the aesthetics.

– Oil-type cosmetics: The temperature in the refrigerator will cause oil-based cosmetics to separate and even harden them. Therefore, you should not keep this product in the refrigerator.

– Chalk: Powder types, including eyeshadow, blusher, foundation … should not be stored in the refrigerator because the storage conditions of these products are dry. If you put chalk in the refrigerator, they will degrade because of a humid environment.


3. Store cosmetics in the refrigerator properly

To effectively store cosmetics in the refrigerator, you should apply the following:

– Store in specialized compartments such as antimicrobial utility compartments. Some of the products that should be stored in this compartment are perfumes, homemade cosmetics or organic cosmetics.

– Before putting in the fridge, you need to cover the lid or put it in a plastic bag and tie it carefully, especially for perfumes to protect their scent.

– You need to adjust the appropriate temperature for each cosmetic product and remember that it is not advisable to leave them at too low a temperature because it can adversely affect the cosmetics.

– Do not mix cosmetics with other foods in the refrigerator.


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