Idea For Rainbow Cake Truffles Recipe

Yield: 20 SERVINGS

Prep time: 25 MIN

Cook time: 15 MIN

Total time: 40 MIN

A stunning celebration cake of colorful layers with soft frosting – an impressive showstopper. You will absolutely LOVE bitting into it to see all those gorgeous colorful layers!


1 cup or 2 sticks (230 grams) unsalted butter, room temperature

1 cup (200 grams) caster sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

3 large eggs, room temperature

2¼ cups (315 grams) plain flour

3 teaspoons baking powder

1 cup (240 ml) milk

2 tablespoons full fat sour cream

1/3 Cup Vanilla Frosting

3 cup of white chocolate, melted

Rainbow Sprinkles

Red, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue & Violet gel food coloring



1. Preheat oven to 350°F(177°C) F. Place 12 cupcake liners in your muffin tin.

2. In a large mixing bowl, add the butter, sugar and vanilla and beat with an electric mixer until smooth and creamy.

3. Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition.

4. Sift in flour and baking powder. Add milk and sour cream and beat on a low speed until just combined. Don’t overmix.

5. Divide the batter evenly between 6 small bowls. Tint each bowl a different color. I dip a toothpick in the color, then dip and stir it into the batter. Repeat until the desired tint is reached. Use yellow and a little red to achieve the orange color.

6. Add the batter to your muffin tin. Each color will make two cupcakes. Bake for 12-15 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the center. Allow to cool completely.

7. When cool, crumble each color of muffin into its own small bowl. Add 1 Tablespoon of frosting to each bowl and stir until combined.

8. You can take a small amount of each color into your hand then gently roll them into a ball, then roll & smoosh the balls together to form the truffle. Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Place in the freezer for at least two hours.

9. Once chilled, melt your chocolate. I do this by putting the chocolate melts in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 30-second intervals, stirring in between – until completely melted.



1. When chocolate is melted and smooth, remove the rainbow truffles from the freezer.

2. To dip, place a toothpick in the top of each truffle, dip in the chocolate, turn gently to coat, then remove from chocolate and gently turn again to allow the excess to drip off.

3. Place truffle on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and carefully remove from toothpick (I used another toothpick to push down while pulling up on the one in the truffle). Quickly cover with sprinkles.

4. Allow chocolate to harden (you can chill in the refrigerator to speed up this process). Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

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Satisfying Chocolate Apple Cake Recipe

Apples add moisture and great texture to this delicious chocolate cake. They melt into the dough and no one will know they’re there, except you! This delicate apple pie is light and soft with thin slices of apple on top. This recipe does a lot of things, making it a great freezer. It is very affordable to do on the weekends for your family. Let’s try it now.

This Chocolate Apple Cake has all the things I love in a cake. First, I love its deep chocolate flavor and wonderfully moist and dense, almost brownie-like, texture. I love that it doesn’t need a frosting because it is so flavorful on its own. I love that it can be quickly made, as you just stir all the ingredients together. I love that it is baked in a 9 x 13 inch (23 x 33 cm) pan so it feeds a lot of people. And I love how it keeps for quite a few days. In fact, it seems to get better in taste and texture after a day or two of storing.

A few notes on ingredients. This cake uses unsweetened cocoa powder which gives it a deep chocolate flavor. My personal preference is to use Dutch-processed (alkalized) unsweetened cocoa powder as I find the chocolate flavor is milder than if you use the natural unsweetened cocoa powder. The cake also contains buttermilk. You can buy commercially made buttermilk or you can make a good substitute. To do this, take 1 cup (240 ml/grams) milk and stir in 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar. Let sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes before using.

Finally, the surprise ingredient in this cake is grated apple. It not only adds a nice flavor to the cake but it makes it wonderfully dense and moist. You can use any type of apple.



Chocolate Apple Cake:


2 cups (260 grams) all-purpose flour

3/4 cup (75 grams) unsweetened cocoa powder (preferably Dutch-processed (alkalized))

2 teaspoons (8 grams) baking powder

3/4 teaspoon (3 grams) baking soda

1/2 teaspoon (2 grams) salt

2 large eggs (100 grams), at room temperature

1 1/2 cups (300 grams) granulated white sugar

1/2 cup (113 grams) unsalted butter, melted and cooled to room temperature

1 cup (240 ml/grams) buttermilk, at room temperature

2 teaspoons (8 grams) pure vanilla extract

2 cups (270 grams) peeled, cored, and shredded apple (you will need about 1 pound/ 450 grams of apples) (about 2 large)

3/4 cup (125 grams) semisweet or bittersweet chocolate chips


Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 F (180 C) and place oven rack in the center of oven. Butter, or veggie spray, a 9 x 13 x 2 inch (23 x 33 x 5 cm) baking pan.

Step 2: In a large bowl, beat or stir the flour, cocoa powder without sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt.

Step 3: In another large bowl, beat eggs until lather. Then whisk the sugar, melted butter, buttermilk and vanilla extract. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir or beat until combined. Add chopped apples and chocolate chips and stir well. Spread the dough into the prepared pan and bake for about 30 minutes or until the wooden toothpick is clean.

Step 4: Take out the oven and let cool on the wire rack. While you can serve it on the same day it is baked, its flavor and texture will improve overnight.
Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

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Easy Pipe a Buttercream Daisy Tips

Create a beautiful edible garden in the comfort of your home! Using rigid butter cream and some standard piping tips, you can learn how to channel butter cream flowers into your favorite homemade (or store-bought) cupcakes. These step-by-step tips will teach you how to channel a buttercream daisy.



Cupcakes – I used my egg-free chocolate cake recipe for cupcakes and baked in medium-sized white muffin cups. The cupcakes were slightly curved in the center, so I leveled the top with a serrated knife.

Buttercream – I used buttercream not only to channel the daisies into the cupcakes, but also to crunch them green. For daisies, as I wanted the flowers to be absolutely white, I modified my butter cream to replace the butter in the recipe with vegetable fat. That way, I was able to achieve the perfect white shade in butter cream. I probably shouldn’t call it buttercream anymore, since there’s no butter in it, but that’s just for daisies, so I think it’s okay to call it buttercream.

Wilton golden yellow food color – – this was for the flower centers.

Wilton Juniper green food coloring – this was for the base layer of cupcakes.

Petal number 104, round tip number 5 and ice hitch – I used tip number 104 for the daisy petals and round tip number 5 for the yellow flower centers.

Disposable piping bags.

Spatula – used to apply green icing on cupcakes before placing the daisies.


I started baking my cupcakes and then I baked, leveling their round tops.


Then I applied a layer of juniper green-tinted butter cream. The idea is to fill the sides of the cupcake casings to obtain a completely flat lid. In addition, since the daisy petals do not cover the entire top of the cupcakes, green butter cream not only acts as a base layer for the cupcakes, but also complements the daisies well. Therefore, it is important that the cupcake is well covered with a smooth layer of green butter cream.

Once the base layer of the buttercream is ready, the daisy can be placed on the cupcake. I made each daisy in the cupcakes with 16 petals and to make sure they were all distributed equally, I placed them in an alternating order. I will explain this below with step by step images.


To begin, hold the pastry bag equipped with the number 104 tip with the wider end of the tip pointing up and the narrow end pointing down.

Place the tip with the widest end on the edge of the cupcake and gently squeeze the pastry bag to let the frosting come out. Release the pressure on the pastry bag and pull the pastry tip towards the center of the cupcake. This should give you the first petal of your daisy.

For the second petal, rotate the cupcake 90 degrees and channel another petal in a similar way to the first petal.

Then repeat the process to the left and right of the first for the petals. This should give you 4 petals as follows.

Repeat the process for the next 4 petals, this time, placing each petal in the center between the previous petals.

Finally, finish the plumbing of the petals by filling one petal of each one among all the petals that are already in the cupcake. And that should give you a daisy filled with evenly distributed petals.



To the center of the flower, using the round tip number 5, place a little yellow icing in a circular

Lift your piping tip and encircle the yellow center with tiny dots of yellow icing.


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How To Bathe and Grooming a Dog?

How To Bathe and Grooming a Dog?

For many dog owners, bathing a dog can be a daunting task, especially if they are new pet parents. While you might love the new addition in your family, you will not always enjoy the dog scent that your fur baby will bring into your house. Hence, washing or bathing your dog is important. Bathing your dog can help improve your relationship with it and make sure that it stays healthy. However, it sure will be difficult to bathe your dog because most dogs find bathing an unpleasant experience. Follow the steps in this article to learn the best way to bathe a dog and make it a pleasant experience for both of you.

How to Bathe?

1. Wet Your Dog

Using a hand-held sprayer wet your dog. You can even use a bucket or pitcher to wet him. Although be careful while doing so. Do not wet your dog’s face and avoid his eyes and ears too.

To clean your dog’s face, you can use a wet washcloth at the end of the bathing session.

2. Apply Shampoo

For dogs with long fur, use two parts shampoo mixed with one part water in a bowl or cup. You don’t want clumps of shampoo getting stuck in one area of the fur. If your dog has short fur, you can squirt a line of shampoo down his spine.

3. Massage

Gently scrub and massage your dog. You can use your fingers to massage him, just the way shampoo your own hair. Massage in the direction of his fur growth. This will prevent any matting, and fur from tangling.

4. Look for Problem Areas

While massaging the shampoo into his fur and skin, it is best to check your dog for any rashes, bumps, scabs, or any other problems.

5. Leave in the Shampoo

Let the shampoo remain on your dog’s coat for about 10 to 15 minutes for it to show results. Follow the instructions mentioned on the shampoo bottle to find out how much shampoo to use and how to apply it.

6. Rinse

Rinse the shampoo out of your dog’s coat with clean water. It is important that you keep rinsing until the water runs clear and there are no more soap suds. Make sure to get between the paw pads and toes since these are often places missed by many people.

How to grooming?

1. Dry Your Dog

Some people choose towels and some choose hair dryers to dry their dog. But we suggest that you let your dog have a few good shakes. Air dry him if you live in a warm climate and have bathed your dog in the morning. While towel drying, do not rub. Pat down gently.

2. Brush Your Dog’s Fur

Brush your dog’s fur to prevent it from tangling. Brushing down your dog’s fur will also help get rid of excess water from his coat.

3. Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Use a cotton ball (and not earbuds) to prevent water from entering your dog’s ears. You can use a cleaning solution to remove excess earwax from your dog’s ears.

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Sunscreen-Dos and Don’ts-You Should Know

A lot of people are still not accustomed to using sunscreen every day. It is really necessary to know the following notes.


It really important . Most people don’t apply enough sunscreen.

Check the ingredients

Make sure you always read the ingredients list before buying a new sunscreen. Do look for the ingredients zinc, titanium dioxide, avobenzone and Mexoryl SX, all of which are powerful UVA blockers that remain on the surface of the skin instead of absorbing into the body. Don’t choose a product that includes ingredients that may affect hormones and/or are potentially carcinogenic, such as insect repellent, oxybenzone and vitamin A (retinyl palmitate). Make sure to try these specific sunscreens that dermatologists use on themselves.


Use broad-spectrum protection

Always choose a long-lasting sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays

Too much is actually better than too little sunscreen when spending your time outdoors.

If you have oily skin and are prone to acne, be careful about what sunscreen you apply to your face. Use an oil-free brand like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry that is non-comedogenic and dries soft to the touch, instead of feeling greasy and moist like other brands.

Do use sunscreen every day

No matter what the weather or time of year, your skin can benefit from the use of sunscreen. Sunscreen can help fight the signs of premature aging, making it a priceless addition to your beauty regimen.

Avoid sunscreen with a vitamin A additive

Many companies add a form of Vitamin A to their sunscreens called retinyl palmitate. It’s supposed to combat skin aging but studies have found that it can also trigger the growth of tumors and lesions on the skin when used in sunlight. It’s advised that you not only avoid sunscreens with this additive, but also body lotions and makeup, especially lipstick.


– Don’t think price means better protection.

Less expensive sunscreen brands are just as effective as expensive designer brands. Choose an SPF of at least 30, and reapply as often as stated on the product.

– Don’t waste your money on sunscreens claiming an SPF higher than 50. According to the FDA, there’s no evidence such products provide better protection against harmful rays—and they may
actually make us feel overconfident and less likely to reapply.

– Only stick to the sprays

Many consumers love using spray-on sunscreens because they are quick and easy. However, the Environmental Working Group says that they don’t provide an even and thick enough layer of sunscreen on the skin to properly protect it. They suggest only using lotion sunscreens, especially on your face.

– Don’t think that one application is enough.

Swimming, perspiration and exercising can diminish your sunscreen’s protection. It’s best to reapply throughout the day to avoid harmful exposure.

– Replace sunscreen with a hat

Hats provide only a small amount of protection for your face. Baseball hats in particular aren’t even the best because they leave your ears exposed even more to UV rays. On top of wearing a wide-brimmed hat, so your ears can be covered, apply sunscreen to your face. While you’re shopping for the perfect poolside or beach day hat, make sure you know what to look for in the sunscreen you’re buying too.

– Store sunscreen in warm areas

Keeping your sunscreen out of the sun might be difficult while you’re enjoying the waves or are sitting poolside, but when you get home don’t think about storing the bottle in your garage. Keeping sunscreen bottles in a hot area can break down the active ingredients making your sun protection less effective. Oh, and these are the 12 signs you probably just bought the wrong sunscreen.

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How To Be A Responsible Dogs Owner

How to Be a Responsible Dogs Owner?

Responsible dog ownership means more than simply loving your dog. Dog ownership is a serious commitment that takes time and energy. Before you decide to get a dog, make sure you can be a conscientious and attentive owner. In addition to meeting your dog’s basic needs, there are some extremely important rules of responsible dog ownership you need to know.

1. Provide your dog with healthy food.

Get recommendations from your vet or breeder as to which foods work best for your dog’s breed. The type and amount will vary according to your pet’s age, weight, and activity level, so be sure to consult the packaging for the correct serving sizes.

2. Make Time for Your Dog

Bonding is not something you can do once and call it finished. The initial bond with your dog is built during the first few weeks to months of ownership, but maintaining this bond is a lifelong process. Remember that while you are at work, out with friends, or running errands, your dog is usually just waiting for you to come home. Schedule time each day to spend with your dog, whether it’s for play, exercise, grooming, or just snuggling.

3. Keep your dog healthy

Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water and an appropriate amount of quality nutrition for your dog. A place of shelter and comfort is also important for your dog’s physical and mental wellness, and exercise is a must. Because of their survival instincts, dogs are not as likely to show pain or illness as humans. Regular visits to your veterinarian are essential because they can help you prevent serious health problems and detect minor issues before they become severe.

4.Train your dogs

Obedience training and socialization classes can help ensure that your dog will become a well-mannered family and community member. Training will strengthen your bond with your pet, prevent or correct unwanted behaviors, and create a well-balanced, happy pooch.

5. Respect others

This may seem like common sense to some of us, but there are still dog owners out there who do not seem to understand. Please help give dog owners a good name by following these rules:

Keep your dog on a leash or in a fenced-in yard when outdoors. Even if you live where it is legal to allow your dog off-leash, you should supervise it at all times. Do not let it wander the neighborhood or get out of your sight.

Pick up after your dog. No one wants to step in or smell that “gift” your dog left behind. Please pick it up right away and dispose of it properly. For convenience, try a bag dispenser that attaches to your dog’s leash.

Do not leave a barking dog outdoors. Continuous barking is not only unfair to your dog, but it is also rude and annoying to neighbors.

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Yummy Home-grown.Tip For Your Lip

Lips are attractive points on the female face.

Make sure you are taking care of your lips properly and can apply the following tips.

Natural Chapped Lips Treatment

Massage that flaky skin away with a dab of honey and sugar. The honey will moisturize your lips while the sugar will exfoliate them.

Natural Lip Plumping Tips

Dampen some cinnamon and rub it on your lips before you apply your lipstick or mix a tiny drop of cinnamon oil (food grade only) with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick for a plumper pout. Cinnamon works by increasing the blood flow to the area.

Ginger Lip Balm:

To make your own lip plumping balm at home, all you need is 3 tablespoons of beeswax, 1 tablespoon of canola oil, and one teaspoon of freshly grated ginger.

Place the beeswax and canola oil in a double boiler and melt. Then grate a teaspoon of ginger into a square of cheesecloth and squeeze the juice of the ginger into the saucepan. Mix the ingredients together and store in a lip balm tin or small jar and keep it in a cool place.

Learn how to remove that long lasting lipstick naturally:

Long lasting lipsticks can be tough to remove. When you’re in a bind and don’t have any make-up remover handy, head over to the kitchen! You can put some sweet almond oil on a cotton ball and say goodbye to that long lasting lipstick.



1. Do not Touch or Lick your Lips

Lips do not have any protection of their own, which means that each time you touch them or lick them, they are getting directly affected.

It is essential that you do not do anything that will make the problem worse.

Never lick your lips. It might feel good for the moment and also feel hydrating for your lips. But once the saliva evaporates, it will leave the lips even drier. The enzymes in the saliva are simply too harsh on your delicate lips.

The next thing to never do is breathe with your mouth open. Imagine how much of the moisture must get stripped away with all that dry air blowing over it.

And the last in this segment, is but obvious. Don’t kiss anyone with any infections on their lips. For it takes absolutely no time for an infection to spread to any cracks on your lips too!

2. Follow Healthy Diet Plan:

A good diet is essential not just for your skin but even for your lips.

Vitamins and other nutrients reflect directly on the condition of your lips. It is essential that you stay on a healthy diet to have lovely lips!

3. Stay Hydrated By Drinking Lot of Water:

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things when it comes to healthy lips. Just as your skin needs to be kept hydrated from the inside, so do your lips.

4. Remove Makeup:

Your lips need to be able to breathe by being clear.

Make sure you remove all traces of makeup from your lips before you sleep.

Use a damp cotton ball and wipe your lips clean.

5. Keep Your Lips Hydrated Overnight:

While we are awake we know when our lips dry out, but this could be a problem when you are asleep.

The air around you tends to dry out your lips while you sleep.

Make sure you use a heavy or hydrating lip cream or some petroleum jelly before you sleep.
You can also use cream or raw milk for the same or even ghee (clarified butter).

6. Massage your Lips:

You can use some nourishing oils to massage your lips for about 5 minutes every day.

This improves the blood circulation in your lips and ensures that they get the nutrients that are needed.

7. Scrub Your Lips:

Scrubbing your lips is important to ensure that they stay healthy and soft. Removing dead skin cells is a must to make sure that your lips don’t succumb to any infection.

Use any mild scrub that is available in the market for lips

Alternatively, you can make your own lip scrub at home with some rock sugar.

8. Always Carry a Lip Balm:

You never know when your lips tend to start drying out. Make sure you have a good creamy and hydrating lip balm with you even while you are traveling.

9. Use Lipsticks when Stepping Out:

Yes, the good news is that it is good to use some lipstick before you step out.

Since, the lips have no natural protection, wearing a lipstick will help you add a layer to them.

Using lipsticks protects your lips from the sun, dry air, dirt and other outside factors.

10. Know when it is time to ask for help:

Sometimes, despite all these preventive measures, your lips still need help.

If you have tried the above home remedies and tricks and it still is not working, it is time to visit a doctor. Make sure you don’t make it too late!

Keep these simple and amazing tips in mind to get those naturally healthy and soft lips. Take care and flaunt your perfect pout in style!

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